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Goodbye Levi. You've already known that she's my partner and we always have a lot of work to do! Besides, you can do all of your work by yourself so bare with it for awhile. Why not just confess to her so that you don't need to hide it. She's just a fellow soldier, of course I need to treat her nice as a part of my team.

It's nothing special! Special feelings? It's not like that; she's just a fellow soldier, my partner in slaying all those titans, not a partner in those sorts of things. After leaving Commander Erwin's office, Levi has decided to take a stroll in the fields while the moon is out and feeling the cool evening breeze.

Minutes have passed; he suddenly stopped when he heard someone having a conversation.

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He tried to look for the source and then he spotted two soldiers hiding beneath the shades of the tree. It was a man and a woman.

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This is easy for him knowing his past. Finally, he can clearly hear them. I love you with all my life and I can't live without you. Suddenly, the two soldiers began kissing each other and Levi saw this in front of his eyes. He immediately turned away. As he tried desperately to get back to his office, he seems to be followed by a lot of this lovely atmosphere. One by one, he's seeing a lot of partners confessing or cuddling with each other.

Today isn't Valentine's Day, is this happening because of what Erwin told me earlier? Damn, it's hitting me. Continuing on, he suddenly heard laughter from a distance.

The sound of it is familiar so he quickly takes a glance to where it is coming from. Please take good care of us. I like you very much! Show some respect.Sighing with relief, you stepped into the scalding hot shower, pulling the heavy curtain closed, sealing you off from the rest of the shower room.

The door of the showers was tightly shut, trapping the cleansing heat within. You massaged lavender oil through your thick locks, relishing the feeling of grime being washed away. As you turned to grab the soap, you bumped your injured wrist off the tiled wall.

Hissing in pain, you cursed loudly. Sore as it was now, practising hand to hand with a bad sprain would only damage it further. Still, you weren't one to complain- having a free afternoon was always a bonus. Well, you were supposed to be cleaning the Mess-Hall but you figured a sneaky shower was on the cards. At least you had the whole showers to yourself, a once in a lifetime event.

You got to have the good stall too. It was a standing joke that one of the showers was permanently stuck on full blast, creating the illusion of a ghost with a shower fetish. The noise of the rushing water from the broken cubicle became part of the background for you recruits. It seemed eerily quiet without Sasha threatening to yank back the shower dividers or Ymir flicking water at everyone.

The walls were silent, devoid of the giggles and echoes that normally reverberated around the room. Holding your throbbing wrist under the scalding stream soothed it somewhat, and as the pain ebbed away, you began to once more appreciate the luxury of hot water. It ran in furrows down your shoulders, trickling between your soaped breasts. Miniscule droplets twinkled on your eyelashes, casting miniature rainbows before your pupils. As you reluctantly prepared to rinse off, you heard the door open and voices quietly mumbling.

The rushing water blotted out the words. You groaned inwardly. Sasha was easy-going but she hated people knowing what she got up to with Connie. Connie on the other hand, bragged about it to the other boys. Typical male. Annie was the unlucky one to get caught with them last time.

You had never seen Sasha so angry or Annie so freaked out. The rest of the class had decided unanimously to simply pretend they weren't there if they got trapped with the amorous couple again.

hellz yeah.

After all, a few snatched minutes here and there was all anyone had in such close quarters. Privacy was nearly unheard of. Considering death was around every corner, nobody begrudged them those few precious minutes alone. Cautiously tilting your head, you confirmed that yes, there was that tell-tale smacking, the moist sounds of two tongues wrestling. A low moan of satisfaction rumbled deep within someone's throat.After grabbing your clothes for bed and the next day, you were heading up to Russia's room for the night.

Getting up to his room finally, he unlocked it and let you in. You grabbed your pajamas and closed the door to the bathroom behind you. You brushed your teeth then changed into your pajamas. Grabbing your old clothes, you exited the bathroom to see that Russia had changed. He was now wearing a pair of sweatpants and no shirt, you stood there in a daze looking at his muscles.

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Blushing madly you just ignored him, and throw you clothes over in you bag. Looking back over at Russia you noticed that he was looking at your body. Your pajamas were just a tight black tank top and white shorts, blushing you sat on the bed quickly trying to hide your blush. You're just so beautiful. He pecked your lips, then wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you down to lie on the bed. He pulled the covers over both of you as he turned the light off.

With one of his arms protectively wrapped around you waist, you rested your head against his bare chest listening to his heartbeat. Moving his lips to kiss your ear, he whispered softly to you. His lips slowly made their way down your neck kissing and nipping, getting soft moans in return. Finally his lips found their destination, your soft spot.

Letting out a groan, he smirked into your skin before he bit down on the spot just enough to draw a bit of blood. Yelping, your hands shoot up to tangle into Russia's silky hair. Cleaning the blood with his tongue, he pecked the bite to sooth the pain. Pulling back to admire his work, smirking at you.

Leaning back down, he captured your lips again as his hands slid from your hips under your shirt, sending a warm sensation up your spine. Sliding back down your stomach, he took hold of the bottom of your shirt and peeled it off of your body reveling your black bra.

Russia through your shirt to the floor before he slid his hand around to your back to unclasp your bra. The cool air hit you breasts, and immediately your nipples hardened.

Russia's large warm hands slid from your back to cup each of your breasts. Leaning down he took one of your nipples in his mouth and his warm tongue flicked the hardened bud. While his mouth was paying attention to your one breast, the other was being kneaded lightly with his other hand.

Sucking and licking at you bud, you were trying to hold back your sounds of pleasure. Sadly ending the attempt a breathless moan escaped from your mouth. With that one moan Russia became even harder, and now it was starting to ache.

Pulling his mouth of your breast, he smirked at you. Then his hands made their way to your waistband of you shorts, sliding a few fingers under he pulled the shorts down your legs. He then, without hesitation, pulled your soaked panties off of you and threw them to be abandoned like the rest of your clothes.

The tall Russian man loomed over you, his eyes taking in every inch of your body. Eyes widening, he felt you pull on his sweatpants pulling them down slightly.Story 4: Trench Coat You looked outside your bedroom window it was mid-January. You smiled ad you pressed both your hands on the cold window surface. It was cold to the point it send shivers to your spine but you quickly got accustomed to it. Your smile became bigger as a snowflake came down and stuck to the window.

The office had decided to give everyone a day off to relax. The sales had been splendid this year for which, they had you to thank for. When you had transferred it was complete chaos. It had taken you a whole year but you finally brought them back up. But on the plus part you had met what you considered the love of your life. You had moved in with him exactly 3 months ago and you were enjoying every single part of it. He was very easily frustrated and fun to tease.

jealous levi x reader lemon deviantart

You laughed at the memory of past games you had come up with. Then it hit you; another great idea. You smiled evilly. This was going to be payback.

Levi had been teasing you lately and much to your dismay he had been playing some games of his own. You frowned as you moved away from the window; you turned around heading for the bathroom.

You were only wearing a grey knitted sweater since you were in your apartment and were too lazy to put anything else on. It reached mid thigh and it was really warm.

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Levi had left very early in the morning; this was one of the busiest months for him. It was the start of a new year, which meant too much paperwork to be accomplished.

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You had just frowned and brush it off. The thing was that they had offered you a job at his work. The offer was very tempting specially because you earned more than your current job not to mention you could see Levi every day. What was stopping you was simply the fact that you saw how Levi had to get up early and came back exhausted and late. You were worried because once you actually thought he was going to faint. Furthermore you still had to discuss it with Levi.

You shook your head pushing the thought away. A grin appeared when you found what you were looking for. You chuckled at your silliness and walked back to the room. You set the item neatly on the bed while quickly removing the big sweater off.

You were immediately received with a rush of cold invading your whole body.Levi moaned into your ear as he pulled out.

You panted trying to catch your breath while sweat rolled off your skin. What time was it? You turned to look at your alarm clock on the nightstand; in bright red numbers you read Had it really been 3 hours since you started? He asked calling back your attention, you responded by smirking and wrapping your legs tighter on his waist brining him even closer. He glared at you and proceeded to look at whatever was on the nightstand that had taken your eyes from him.

Your hands found their ways to his back and painfully you dug your nails deep into his skin.

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He frowned. You whispered; your throat extremely soar from moaning, panting and screaming. He grabbed you lifting you quite roughly from the mattress and making you sit on him. As he repositioned you, you felt his hard dick entering you again instantly making you moan and arch your aching body towards him. As soon as you felt the entirety of his shaft inside you, you panted.

He thrust his hips forward. You said involuntarily while throwing your head back enjoying the feeling it brought; you would never be able to get enough from this man. You brought your head forward meeting his eyes; you bit your lip before starting to hump his dick.

This was by far Levi's favourite position, you got to feel you working to pleasure yourself it was almost as erotic as watching you masturbate. He grabbed your hips and helped you go on a faster pace. He remarked letting out a muffled moan. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room.

However, you wanted more, you wanted something even rougher so you opened your mouth and bit down into Levi's shoulder blade. To this he fingers dug into your ass, separating it a giving him more space to fill you. Now it was your nails that began working, this was going to leave scars.

That did it, Levi slammed your hips together making him pant faster and faster he would feel you getting there.

He ordered. You were left at his mercy, you loved this side of him, not wasting a second you complied to his every whim. You screamed and came for the fifth time that day. You could feel him close too. He went faster and until he too came inside you filling you up even more than what he had already done not 40 minutes before.Just what happened with this man?

You lift him body, which is surprisingly light, and let one of his arm go around your neck. And with that, you could feel his hot, heavy breathing, which makes you blush.

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You sneak through the crowded dining hall, and begin your journey to his office. But still, you remain silent as you reach the stair, and begin to climb it up. Your steps echoed in the large corridor, and the only thing in your mind right now is the corporal. Damn him to be so sexy. You open the door with your hand, and close it with your foot.

Then you quicken your pace towards his bed, and finally, gently set him down on the smooth surface. You take off his cloak and his jacket, then fold it neatly and place it on his desk.

So you let him be. You raise your hand and gently stroke his black hair, and giggle to yourself. Levi is awake, and he caught your wrist. His steel blue eyes glared at you coldly, and you panicked. Instead of responding, Levi sits up, and strongly pulls you to his bed. You nod, but you remain still. He had your hands pinned at your side. Your sentence was cut by his soft lips crashing against yours.

jealous levi x reader lemon deviantart

You wiggle between the kisses, trying to break it. But he is stronger, and he keeps kissing you roughly, but passionately. Until he successfully earn a moan from you. With face completely red because of the kiss, you avoid his gaze and try to escape his strong grip. Levi moves your hand above your head, and pin them with one hand. He let go of your hand, and lie down next to you.

Then he cups your face, and lick the tear away from your eyes, then trail kisses down to your cheek, and your jaw. Again, he gives you butterfly kisses as he make his way to your ear. Then Levi nibble and suck your earlobe, torturing you while he whispers naughty things. Once Levi grew bored with your ear, he climbs on top of your body, then begin to undress you.

He unbuckles your harnesses, unbutton your white shirt, then takes off all of them along with your jacket. You hear him growl when he sees you wearing a tank top, and unexpectedly, with his bare hands, he rips the garment into two.What was he thinking? You sighed as you pushed your hair back with your eyes closed washing away his touch with the soap as you scrubbed at your arms.

jealous levi x reader lemon deviantart

If only you could clean your mind, his muscled body, that large heat pushing against you, a heat you had caused. Your breath turned ragged as your mind wandered, imagining his hands on you again. Then they were, a body pushed against yours as your eyes shot open. You turned spinning on your toes attempting to kick him but once again to no avail as he caught you pushing you against the wall of the shower pinning you. Your breath caught as he moved closer to you as you noticed he was fully clothed while you stood there exposed to his cold eyes, looking away as you failed to hide the redness that spread across your face biting your lip in embarrassment.

You quickly finished your shower throwing on your shirt and panties not caring that you were still soaked and stormed after him. You were going to end this.

You stood there shivering slightly possibly from anger or the cold air around you due to your limited clothing. Your formal shirt clinging to you showing you're feminine figure as well as the colour of your pants sending a heat through his loins, a small smile clinging to his lips. You were different from the rest of those brats that was for sure.

Defiantly different, no one else would dare do this to him, no one else would say what you says to him and no one else turned him on so much without even trying.

You pulled him closer waiting for an answer but his eyes simply glinted. Anger flared through me but Levi wouldn't answer, you knew this would get you in trouble but you didn't care you had to do something otherwise The shivers returned as his scent floated over you but you ignored it, pushed it down, he tormented you too much.

You couldn't cope with it. Levi stood from his desk bearing down on you, embarrassment causing you to bite your lip once again. One hand on your chin the other against the door keeping it closed, he tilted your face up but you refused to meet his eyes. You finally had figured out what this shiver was, what this feeling was that grew inside you around him. His breathing increased slightly as he pushed himself against you a hot bulge already forming in his tightening trousers against the skin of your hip.

You shook yourself mentally trying to bring back the sass you managed to pull off only the day before. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Levi POV: You stood there shivering slightly possibly from anger or the cold air around you due to your limited clothing.

Readers POV: Anger flared through me but Levi wouldn't answer, you knew this would get you in trouble but you didn't care you had to do something otherwise Chapter 1 - Under this Fallen Tree 2.

Chapter 2 - Shared Memories 3. Chapter 3 - Library duty 4.

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