Dusttale will contain spoilers for Undertale. Please note this is my personal interpretation of Dusttale. Game guide found here. Dusttale is an unoffical fangame based on Undertale by Toby Fox. This game takes place after the events of an Undertale genocide route. Chara is now in control of the human, and has established a never-ending loop of genocide. Something now stirs in Sans, as he remembers the many previous consecutive routes of pain and suffering.

Will you, the human, aid Chara in their quest for everlasting power, or is there a different way? A fully functioning battle and overworld system, just like Undertale. A "Health-Regeneration" feature on the continue game screen to suit the game difficulty to your fancy.

A new inventory system, that is a little more efficient and doesn't require you to click "Info" to get item descriptions. Check out my Youtube channel here! If you want to :D. Disclaimer : I do not own Undertale in any way shape or form.

All rights belong to Toby Fox.

Nightmare Gang

If you are going to download this game, I highly encourage you to buy Undertale here and to buy the soundtrack here as I will be using assets and some mostly remixed music from Undertale for the game and for trailers as well. This game is based on the AU posted on Reddit by Osteophile posted here.

Check out their album here! Link to that video here. Sprites are by LukeLamirande1 and Myself. Hey there, just made a video for your game!

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I had a great time, and can't wait to see where you go with the story. This game looks freaking awesome, please take your time and make more. Also, YuB said to tell you you did a great job. Log In Sign Up. Version: 1. Download MB. Game Soundtrack. Reality Check Through The Skull.

dust sans fight simulator

Features A new Undertale experience.This is the second battle of Glitchtale 's 1st Season. Yet after another reset, Frisk decided to do the Pacifist Route. However, Frisk discovered a mysterious door during their trip to Waterfall. Inside of the strange room stood an unidentified creature, also known as W. D Gaster. Sans realizes Frisk has disappeared after they weren't teleported along with Sans to Grillby 's, as they were planning to discuss the resets. After discovering Frisk's soul was powerful enough to bring him into the real world, Gaster attempts to capture the soul.

After trapping Frisk in the unknown room, Gaster begins. Sans holding himself against Gaster Blaster. However, Sans comes in and tries to protect Frisk, but he isn't powerful enough. Sans realizes the only way to defeat Gaster is through absorbing Frisk's soul yet again, as seen in the previous episode.

Before he could do so, Sans is stabbed by Gaster, who attempts to take Frisk's soul for himself. With the determination of helping Sans, the soul breaks free from Gaster and flies to Sans.

Undertale: Sans Fight

Due to their combined efforts and power, Sans and Frisk win the battle. Sans then confronts Gaster, telling him killing others isn't the right way to escape the Void, but Gaster refuses to listen.

He attempts to attack Sans from behind, but he is impaled by bones before the attack can hurt Sans. Gaster turns to Dust, and Sans resets the timeline once again. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Context Yet after another reset, Frisk decided to do the Pacifist Route. Battle After trapping Frisk in the unknown room, Gaster begins Sans holding himself against Gaster Blaster attacking them several times.

Categories :. Pre-Glitchtale Battles. Season One Battles. Season Two Battles.Japanese English. Stick Ranger 2 ver8. Game overview : When whirlwind picks up the leaves, flow of the wind is visible and interesting. Simulation game that reproduces such phenomenon with powder dot!

Let's vote by playing various uploaded works. Genre : Physics simulation game Controls : Left click and right click. Explosive, keep fire away! Continuously sends wind. Multiply an object by clicking over it. Flammable liquid. It burns everything. Transforms dots. High-sensitivity explosive. When they touch solids, they create a mysterious path! It reflects against the polished metal.

Transparent dots. Heavy liquid metal. It gradually burns. Drag as if drawing a circle.

dust sans fight simulator

Throw, blow or rotate it. It rolls very well.

Dusttale Fullversion DustSans&Papyrus battle! [undertale fangame]

Drag to copy, and click to paste. Adjust the drawing pen size.

dust sans fight simulator

Drag to move.Log in with itch. It's better to wait than rushing the man, since from some of the videos I've sawn it seems to be almost completed.

dust sans fight simulator

Take your time with developing this game. I don't care if it takes time, take as much as you need, I know the game will be great nonetheless. Why exactly? Yes, I heard your one hundred words of "nerf attack 3 and the final attack" and you know what? I did what you said. I know that I made a huge mistake if you don't know the game was being rushed as hell.

I was making 2 or 3 attacks per day. Only because I took soo much time doing nothing. It was frustating. Don't ask me to reupload the game, please. That game is just pure trash and doesn't deserve your attention. Just put it for one day,i'll download it and rthen you can put it ''on hold'' again,just please let me play it. I would like to make a video on it. I seen the fight on youtube and I really wanna try it out. Guys you have to be nice to him stop being rude and calling him names just because we cant play.

He is probably updating the game. Dusttale : Dustbelief. A downloadable game. Something is coming. More information. Status On hold Rating. Comments Log in with itch. I really want to play this fan game, even if it's hard. Emo 15 days ago. DanPlayzJakov 14 days ago Emo 14 days ago.He was once a skeleton monster who lived in the Underground and swore he would never kill a human, until Frisk eventually kept on resetting over and over again, causing nothing but Genocide.

Due to how much LV has currently gained, he now has much more than 1 HP. He also has red eyes instead of white ones, his right eye also glows purple and blue.

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Before Frisk arrived in the Underground, Sans was more of a lazy and friendly skeleton who would often make jokes. He would also go to Grillby's for a good amount of the time. He was also very caring about his brother, Papyrus.

When Frisk arrived, Sans acted normal around them, however, after Frisk reset and did multiple Genocide Routes, Sans became insane and extremely bloodthirsty on killing other monsters in the Underground just for LV; even going as far as killing his own brother.

Despite being extremely careless, Sans does seem to regret killing his own brother, who now haunts and helps him. Sans, is very similar to his undertale counterpart. However, both his eyes are red, due to either insanity or determination. His left eye also glows blue and purple, however in some fan interpretations, his right eye glows purple, and his left eye is also blue. He also has dust on his jacket and his pants.

When Sans kills Toriel, he puts his hood on. When he kills Papyrus, his left eye goes blue and he goes fully insane. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.How do you think, what is the best way-out from the conflict? If you are against violence, then you should try Undertale Battle Simulator, where you can show your ability to be peaceful and patient.

According to the legend, all monsters were trapped underground, and humans got rid of their scary appearances and characters, but who knows, were they so dangerous, or humans are just too cruel? Your first guide will be a nice lady, who will tell you a bit about her world. Your main goal is to come back to your world without losing your health, and this is rather difficult, because peaceful escape is hardly possible, and you will see this with the help of Toriel.

Be ready to read a lot, because you will find plenty of dialogs during the game. You will meet a great number of antagonists that would interact with your hero, and you will see several commands that you may use.

You have to choose to what side you belong — peaceful or violent, and then act according to your choice. But be ready to face all the consequences, because each your step will affect monsters. Undertale Battle Simulator Description How do you think, what is the best way-out from the conflict?

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Controls Walk around, play Click and jump. What do you think of this game? Score: 2.

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